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It knows our policies invoicing:



Policies of invoicing

€¢ It is defined as invoicing the expedition of Electronic Invoices CFDI.

€¢ In case the €œClient€ requires Electronic Invoice CFDI, she will have to provide his fiscal data (name or trade name, address, RFC, etc.) before the month end of hiring or payment through this webpage, otherwise its Electronic Factura CFDI could not later be sent.

€¢ In case the €œClient€ realises his payment the last day of the month, she will have a maximum term of 5 working days later to ask for his Electronic Factura CFDI.

€¢ For any request of emission of Electronic Invoice CFDI it is necessary that the €œClient€ has sent the proof of deposit, electronic transference and/or data of authorization of the bank previously.

€¢ Once given Electronic Factura CFDI changes will not be realised in the same by any reason.

€¢ The €œClient€ accepts that the information and provided fiscal data for the emission of Electronic Factura CFDI are correct and are complete.

€¢ In case Electronic Factura CFDI has some error because of a mistake on the part of €œClient€ will cancel and send another Electronic Factura CFDI with an additional position of $100 pesos by concept of administrative proceedings again.

€¢ If the €œClient€ does not send his fiscal data in the corresponding periods through this webpage, she will occur by understood that the €œClient€ does not require the emission of his Electronic Factura CFDI and that agrees in which it could not be emitted in no other occasion. In this case the amount of the payment realised by the €œClient€ will be added to supporting the global one that the SAT forces to emit by the collections noninvoiced its clients.

€¢ Electronic Factura CFDI is sent in national currency (Mexican pesos) with all the taxes including.

€¢ In order to send Electronic Factura CFDI of the €œClient€ he is indispensable who the payment has been credited.

€¢ In case the €œClient€ is moral person, she will have to send the corresponding certainty of retentions, 5 working days later at the most to the delivery of his Electronic Factura CFDI.

€¢ In case the €œClient€ (only people Morales) has certainty or pending certainties of retention to send, €œExeterufofest€ reserves the right to suspend the expedition of Electronic Invoice CFDI until the €œClient€ has sent (s) the certainty (s) pending.



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