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All the added information and personal information that it is obtained from the user by the use of www.exeterufofest.com, property of Exeterufofest, information can be compiled and pay attention to a data base (in the future €œdata base€) that is stored to protect it and to avoid its loss, illegal use, or alteration. Despite previous, the Exeterufofest in no form it guarantees his security, nor that the same can be intercepted, be reproduced or be robbed by third parties. 

Exeterufofest except does not compile personal identity data on the users when the users provide this information voluntarily, when registering themselves in the www.exeterufofest.com website or when sending e-mail or another communication directed to www.exeterufofest.com or through www.exeterufofest.com. The data of the users interested in the services of our clients are not collected, nevertheless, is possible that by means of an automatic process Exeterufofest it sends some publicity in moderate form. This process can be cancelled if the Client shows it in writing to hello@exeterufofest.com. 

It is to the free discretion of the user, without responsibility for Exeterufofest, to provide his personal information. 

In case the user decides to send personal information through means prepared to such effect, the user, for effects of had in the article 76bis the Federal Law of Protection to the Consumer, grants his express consent of electronic way, so that Exeterufofest uses, spreads and/or transmits his information to third people, without his previous consent. Also, for effects of the arranged thing in the articles 16, 18 and 18bis of the Federal Law of Protection to the Consumer, the user grants his express consent and acceptance to receive information with mercadot©cnicos or advertising character or aims of Exeterufofest. 

The personal identity data compiled by www.exeterufofest.com or in www.exeterufofest.com will not be sold to third parties without the consent of the user. In addition, the users of www.exeterufofest.com will have the opportunity of €œnot participating€ to receive promotional information on products and services offered by www.exeterufofest.com or its filial partners and companies. 

When he asks for himself to him to Exeterufofest takes reasonable measures to allow that the users update or correct the personal data that have sent previously and that no longer has validity. In addition, when the user therefore requests it, www.exeterufofest.com will take reasonable measures at commercial level systematically to eliminate the registry of the user and its personal data of the data base. 

Exeterufofest will be able to share information with third parties in limited circumstances, including the fulfillment of a legal process, to prevent the fraud or imminent damage, and to assure the security our network and services. 

It is possible that this website uses €œcookies€ in connection with certain characteristics or functions. The archives cookies are specific types of information that a website transmits to the hard disk of the computer of a user with the purpose of to maintain registries. The cookies can serve to facilitate the use of a website, for example, when keeping passwords and preferences while the usuary one visits the site. www.exeterufofest.com does not use cookies to obtain personal identity data of the computer of a user that have not been sent originally as part of the cookie. Although the majority of the navigators accepts cookies automatically, you you can form their navigator so that it does not accept them. The possibility that exists www.exeterufofest.com allows that other companies that present announcements or other functions in www.exeterufofest.com obtain access to the cookies in their computer. www.exeterufofest.com no/no controls the policy of cookies of other companies. 

www.exeterufofest.com could contain connections to other websites. www.exeterufofest.com cannot control the policies of privacy of other sites nor is responsible by these. www.exeterufofest.com recommends that the users are conscious of this when they leave www.exeterufofest.com, and read the declarations of privacy in each website that visit. 

When using the www.exeterufofest.com site, you indicate that you accept this policy of privacy. If it does not accept this policy, its continuous use of www.exeterufofest.com does not use the www.exeterufofest.com site implies that you accept this policy and any modification of the same. www.exeterufofest.com reserves the right to change this policy at any time. This Policy creates no legal or contractual right, neither tries to do it, in the name of no institution nor to the benefit of no institution. 

If www.exeterufofest.com changes this policy of privacy, these changes will appear in the www.exeterufofest.com website so that the users find out the data collected by www.exeterufofest.com, the form in which these data are used, and in what circumstances, if there are them, the information can be disclosed. If you have some question or doubt related to this declaration of privacy, please communicate with www.exeterufofest.com to our hello@exeterufofest.com e-mail. Also, for the benefit on watch, the user, in addition it is commited to accept the terms and conditions stipulated for such effect.

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