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Next we showed to the different plans from Web Hosting that offers Exeterufofest:

The service of Web Hosting that offers Exeterufofest allows to store information as: text, images, videos or any content Web, within a Servant and power to present it to the users through a page of Internet previously designed, in addition you will be able to activate customized accounts of e-mail with the name of your Domain.

Exeterufofest offers the best option of Web Hosting in Mexico. We have the plans of hosting economic than your company needs to have a presence in fast and effective Internet. Our service of lodging Web is dedicated to provide services of Internet for small and medium businesses, webmasters and designers Web.

The service of Web Hosting that we have is of high quality and availability to a very accessible cost. At the moment we counted on 4 plans of hosting designed to satisfy the needs with communication of your personal project, business or company.

Your webpage will be available always for all visitors and futures clients. Our service of Web Hosting is not only protocols, bytes or megas, but of gains, great benefits and businesses.

The monthly transference is the amount of information that sends and receives your webpage, this includes the traffic of visits to your Web, shipment and reception of mail, and transferences by FTP.

All our plans of Web Hosting count on access via FTP so that you can raise your webpage already designed.

Once registered your payment, an e-mail with all the keys of access of your plan of Hosting is sent contracted Web. These accesses will allow to raise a Website already designed with the keys of access via FTP.

The name of Domain is to your name, our clients are free to go at any time with another supplier, we do not retain them to the force and we did not acquire quotas by this exchange rate either reason why you do not run the risk of losing your name of Domain.

In Exeterufofest we offer the possibility of communicating with our personnel via chat and e-mail to you to respond all doubts. Our service of technical support is ready at any time to help via e-mail the 24/7 you.

We love our work. The design is our passion.

Design Web

We count on several plans of design Web to adjust to your needs and budget.

Graphical design

We realise the design of logos, business cards, bulletin design, steering wheels and more.


The publicity Web arises as one from the most powerful forms of marketing in Internet.


Web Hosting

We on the Web offer lodging for your personal site or the one of your company with our plans of lodging Web.


In order to project a serious and reliable image, we have the services of photography, sound and professional video.

To quote

Also you can ask for a customized quote to your requirements, completely free.

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